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What Have You Done? (Undertale Comic) by Tyl95 What Have You Done? (Undertale Comic) :icontyl95:Tyl95 624 314
ENTRY █████
Gaster asked me to tend to paperwork today while he took Sans to the testing room to see how well the serum has enhanced his powers.  I’m done with the paperwork and I’m bored; been playing dumb games on the computer.  You can only beat Solitaire so many times.  I can’t go down and keep Papyrus company, either; it would look too weird if Gaster came, returning Sans to the cell, and found me there.  Maybe he wouldn’t mind if I went and watched him and Sans
Did I just hear a crash?
ENTRY █████
things went so wrong oh my god so wrong his skull has been blasted open and there’s a third of it missing and cracks everywhere else and
oh god sans no please no; don’t die
please don’t die
ENTRY █████
ENTRY █████
gaster is working at fixing sans.  i told pap hi
:iconstarprincess13:Starprincess13 15 7
Quotes #16 by Alpner Quotes #16 :iconalpner:Alpner 2,076 65 The Golden Pokeball Casino Arcade - Flash Game by Chibixi The Golden Pokeball Casino Arcade - Flash Game :iconchibixi:Chibixi 334 132 Mist by StudioUndertheMoon Mist :iconstudiounderthemoon:StudioUndertheMoon 4,442 377 Cupcakes by MisterDavey
Mature content
Cupcakes :iconmisterdavey:MisterDavey 3,212 1,726
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Emerald Hill Zone Act 1 by alekSparx Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Emerald Hill Zone Act 1 :iconaleksparx:alekSparx 195 177 Pheonix by KM-Rebirth Pheonix :iconkm-rebirth:KM-Rebirth 28 12
Basics : Godmode
So, you think your character is pretty cool, being able to beat everyone it meets, knowing how to dodge, parry and counter nearly every attack thrown its way, and coming out nearly unaffected by the attacks that do hit, don't you?
Bad news; you are godmodeing.
Godmode (the E at the end is optional; godmod might even be used more often) is a very frustrating problem to be faced with as a roleplayer; the person doing it might not realize it, but their partners do, and they might not like how their own character appears like a real weakling in comparison to the other who can somehow charge its way into anything and come out unscathed. I mean, how would you like to be taken as a side asset of the team and have to sit idly while that one specific guy always gets all the action? (unless that's part of your character's concept or part of the plot...)
The symptoms of godmode may include but are not limited to: your character can dodge all or almost all attacks, it has very powerful abilities a
:icondummysguideforrp:DummysGuideForRP 31 12
Home sucks right now, let's put that out there.  My dad is on his last legs, and family is practically begging him to go to the hospital, as we aren't too keen to having someone die inside the house.  And I found out that when my dad does indeed pass away, I, along with my family, are being thrown out by our grandparents.  They said that they cannot support us as well as themselves, and the only way we are supporting ourselves is by my dad.  My mom won't be able to get disability until January or February, and housing wouldn't be applicable until sometime in the spring I guess.  She had found an agency to help out, but after I bombarded her with questions, she admitted that they cannot help me and my brother because my mom is disabled, and we are healthy, young.  However, if we cannot live here, nor go with my mom, we are then homeless.
As I have told people before, (I think) we cannot get jobs bec
:iconashentar:Ashentar 25 93
Painting via Adjustment Layers by fox-orian Painting via Adjustment Layers :iconfox-orian:fox-orian 6,739 289 Birds of a feather by JustAnotherGhost Birds of a feather :iconjustanotherghost:JustAnotherGhost 8 0 Warp Concepts. by Endling Warp Concepts. :iconendling:Endling 5,020 962 Dark Fight. by SNGPSo Dark Fight. :iconsngpso:SNGPSo 1,532 228



United States
I broke down and did it! I bought a new little tablet. The best part is that it's the same brand as my last tablet and the pen works on both. So now I have a large tablet for home and a small one for traveling.
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Crescent-Winged Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Student Writer

Sorry for such a long wait. I hope you like it! I'm glad that the art quality is a lot better than if I had rushed out the second one after the first.
maax300 Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Came to say hi
Crescent-Winged Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Student Writer
Thanks for the link. When I've got some time I'll try sketching a few of them and see what I can come up with.
Akago Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this. Been busy with different things. Go ahead and pick any character off of these two pictures that you'd like.

Crescent-Winged Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Student Writer

Sorry it's been such a long time since I contacted you last. I've been trying to do that remaining prize art from the Violet contest. I'm really sorry it's taking so long. I've tried multiple times to do the initial sketch but I'm just having no luck. In truth I'm having trouble drawing the characters you have chosen. Truth is I can not draw mobian bird's to save my life and Echidna's are very hard for me because of their dred's/hair. That is purely the reason it is taking me so long to get it done.

I hate to ask but could you pick another character for me to draw?
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